Who We Are?

Amana Insurance Brokers Bahrain is operating in Bahrain since September 2008 in the domain of General Insurance. We provide value-added services to all existing & potential customers for insuring all various insurable risks associated with their operations. Amana Insurance Brokers is enriched with a team of professionals recognised for their technical expertise, value enhancement to their clients’ portfolio and uncompromising integrity by adhering to sound underwriting principles and a risk management philosophy.

Our main objective is to grow on the basis of participating in Technical Expertise. We work in consultation with our clients to help them develop a risk management approach to their business, thereby earning them a reputation for prudence and proactive risk management among the insurers. This strategy will position our clients as preferred clients in the insurance market of the future.

Company Profile

We are a corporate insurance broker offering a wide range of insurance services to small, medium and large corporate clients. We have strong disciplines in general insurance to aid companies by managing their risks. We help them strengthen their balance sheets and benefit their bottom line, evaluating risk exposures and optimising risk retentions, selecting the most advantageous risk transfer and financing methods and tailor these to fit their needs.

Our goal is to help them place their business with leading and A rated securities, ensuring total transparency on all transactions and providing high standard service.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to become one of the main Players in the Bahrain Insurance brokerage market and maintain a sound judgment and professional advice to our clients. Our objective is to keep an ultimate customer service and risk management support that goes beyond the insurance policy cover.

Our Mission is to Train & develop a team of insurance consultants to be the best in the market with strong insurance background & knowledge, high ethics & insurance integrity focusing on the most important assets being “customer trust” & “company’s credibility”.

Managing effectively in a constantly changing business environment is a requirement for success. Developing and implementing dynamic business and marketing strategies that are adaptable to changing conditions are essential in this new era.

These challenges involve the development of the skills essential to anticipate and respond to the constantly changing needs of our customers and markets.

Amana Insurance wishes to share a proud history of services and support to the communities in which we operate and where our employees live and work. We choose to conduct business in a responsible way and demonstrate our corporate social responsibility (CSR) through a range of programs and activities under the banner of “Helping People and Communities at Risk.”

The core elements of our CSR program are philanthropy and employee volunteerism and sustainability.

Philanthropy and Employee Volunteerism

Our staff are encouraged to engage with and contribute to the well-being of their local communities. This support varies from country to country and is demonstrated in a variety of incentives.


We recognise the importance of doing business in a way that protects and improves the state of the environment & society for future generations.

In addition to the above, all employees of Amana Insurance Brokers are bound by our Code of Conduct, Competency, Transparency & High level of Professional Ethics.

The company also applies a robust diversity and inclusion policy in support of key objectives to attract, retain, develop and motivate the best people in our fields of endeavour, at all levels.